The Conserving the Future conference is over, but is still using social media to interact virtually!

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You might have seen them before, but if not, you are not alone. They are small, black and white squares found in the corners of some printed advertisements. QR codes, or Quick Response Codes, are two dimensional symbols that can be read by barcode readers and smartphones. The encoded information can be anything, really, but is most often text, a URL or a pdf. If you do come across one, simply take out your smartphone and scan or snap a picture of the image with your QR Code Reader. used QR codes at the Conserving the Future conference in July. To take advantage of all the great info contained in the code on this site, you will need an app on your smartphone to scan them. While does not specifically endorse the following apps, we have found that they are user-friendly and a good place to get started:

iPhone: iNigma Droid: QR Droid Reader Blackberry: Blackberry App World


These Fish and Wildlife twitter accounts may be of interest, as well. Keep in touch!


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