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Draft Products

by Bradley Watkins
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*All Final Vision Products are available at www.fws.gov/refuges/vision.

Final Products Include: 

Environmental Education Strategic Plan

Interpretation Strategic Plan

Planning for Climate Change on the National Wildlife Refuge System

Biological Carbon Sequestration Accomplishments Report 2009-2013

Strategy to Increase Quality Hunting and Fishing on National Wildlife Refuges

Friends, Volunteers, and Community Partnerships Staff Training

Climate Change Communications and Engagement Strategy for the National Wildlife Refuge System

7-Year Inventory and Monitoring Plan

Friends Partnership Mentoring Program Action Plan 

Introduction to Social Media and “How To” Guide 

Volunteer and Partner Involvement in the National Wildlife Refuge System 

A Landscape-Scale Approach to Refuge System Planning

National Wildlife Refuge System Land Protection Projects
An Assessment of Land Protection Projects: A Plan for Strategic Growth 

Guide for Employee Development

Below are draft products available for public comment on this website’s social network. These draft products have been developed by the nine implementation teams tasked with fulfilling the recommendations found in Conserving the Future: Wildlife Refuges and the Next Generation. You can view a list of the 24 recommendations, as well as the nine implementation team work plans.

We encourage members to leave comments, edits, and suggestions in the comment sections of the groups within the social network. Members of the implementation teams will monitor comments with the hope of robust conversation that will enhance these draft products.

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