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Fact Sheets and Resources

by Bradley Watkins
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Whether you’re a hiker, photographer, hunter, angler, wildlife watcher, educator, or just enjoy the outdoors, the Refuge System needs your input and support.

What can you do to spread the word about Conserving the Future: Wildlife Refuges and the Next Generation?

Download fact sheets:

Download, print and distribute fact sheets for Conserving the Future: Wildlife Refuges and the Next Generation. In addition to the general fact sheet, specific fact sheets are available for anglers, birdwatchers, educators, emerging leadership, hunters, tribal leaders and community members, and photographers.

Hand out business cards:

Print out and give away these handy “business cards” as a reminder to friends and others to become engaged with the vision process! Download America’s Wildlife Business Cards.

Promote AmericasWildlife.org on your website:

Post this nifty “widget” on your website to tell others to join the conversation on AmericasWildlife.org!  Copy and paste the following code to embed on your own website:
<a href=”http://americaswildlife.org”><img src=”http://americaswildlife.org/widget.jpg” alt=”  ” width=”285″ height=”200″ border=”0″></a>

Are you a member of a Refuge Friends organization?

Read our Friends Questions & Answers on how friends can be involved in the Refuge System vision process.

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