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    In reply to: Larry Jordan posted an update As passionate users of our Refuge system, we believe that a new Federal Wildlife Conservation Stamp, funded by non-consumptive users, will provide a robust source of income for our […] View

    This would have widespread support!

  • The draft plan indicates that the largest number of visits are coming for non-consumptive purposes (hiking, nature viewing, photography). I think it is only natural that the discrepancy between usage for non-consumptive reasons and budgeting and planning for consumptive pursuits is addressed. Shouldn’t the Conserving the Future vision take the…[Read more]

    • Andrew – I think the published numbers of visits are quite misleading if one doesn’t take into account the number of visits/days of opportunity. Non-consumptive uses are available 365 days/year whereas opportunity for hunting are quite limited. Just my thoughts on the matter…