• If I understand the contest, the goal is to come up with a name for the urbaninitiative outreach program, not to come up with names or designations for refuges in or near urban areas correct? If this is the goal what about a name like ”Rediscover America”, ”Your Hometown Refuge”, or ”Explore Your Own Backyard.”

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    In reply to: Kristen posted an update in the group Communications (Recommendations 14, 15) Just uploaded my comments onto the site. Its a good start, but we need to think about our target audiences a little more. Kristen […] View

    Joanna, I couldnt agree more with your comments regarding dog walking, picnicking, etc.. We must begin to reach new audiences if we are going to remain relevant, increase public awareness, attendance and finanical resources. Up until three years ago I didnt even know the system existed much less had ever visited one, and I live in an area where…[Read more]

  • One other quick comment just from personal experience. In my most recent visit to a refuge….i think its my 30th or so refuge now…I noticed with the budget cuts the brochures available at each refuge which detail history, facts, etc have now turned into an inconveniently oversized piece of paper that is no where near the quality or as…[Read more]

    • David,
      To my knowledge, the Service can’t create a brochure with appropriated funds and then turn around and sell it, or ask for a donation. However, an official Friends organization could create a brochure for us with their funds and sell it in the visitor center as a part of their nature store.

      There are certainly many factors that go into…[Read more]

  • I am still reading the communications document, but one thing I havent seen so far is any outreach or plan to involve area secondary school and local universities. I would venture to say most refuges have universities nearby and certainly most have middle, junior high or high schools around. We have an opportunity to work with these schools and…[Read more]

    • Thank you for your feedback J, we really appreciate it.

    • J- some of your thoughts are being addressed by the environmental education implementation team- stay tuned, their draft strategies will be available soon-
      And for the Scouts, the Service has a scout coordinator. I will pass along your thoughts to see how well we are coordinating efforts between Refuges and our Scout programs.
      Vision…[Read more]